Yachting as a Way of Life...

Yachting as a Way of Life

The yacht is made up of its crew, that’s how we, yacht agents, perceive it. The crew breathe life into yachts, hardworking people, who leave the safety of their home and embark on a life adventure, every day. They are like modern nomads, moving from one place to another, from one port to another, meeting new people every day, while you do everything you can to welcome them in your homeport. There is a special bond between crew members and yacht agents, a unique friendship that grow stronger with each yacht visit to Montenegro.

They are the most selfless people we know! They dedicate their whole life to being at the service of someone else, and most importantly, they devote themselves to it with all their heart.

Yachting as a way of life, it is a choice and not an easy one. You need to be a bit adventurous, a little ambitious, and passionate about everything that life on a yacht brings. Although there are a lot of sacrifices, the crew is appreciated, travel the world and get to know about different world cultures, while we, agents, manage to take a glimpse of it. In anticipation of their arrival, we are excited to hear about the latest adventures, and they, although always very busy, take the time to give us a friendly smile and hand, again selflessly. Thank you for that!

By doing the job of a yacht agent, we surely meet many great people whom we always look forward to see. The crew is the heart of a yacht and the main factor for everything to be as it should be, and we are here to help and facilitate them as friends, business partners, assistants, whatever they call us, in everything they ask for, because they surely deserve it…

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