Summer is here... Montenegro is ready...

Spending a summer in Montenegro

These are just a few things that you will hear when you mention Montenegro and spending a summer here. One of the best up-coming destinations for yachting in the world has opened the doors to an unforgettable summer.

Holidays would just simply not be it without all the fun and activities and they are plentiful in Montenegro. Anything you can imagine, from sandy to rocky beaches, from hidden gems around the coats to wonderful restaurants, from exclusive resorts to small fishing posts, from diving to hiking, from chilling to partying… and everything in between.

As a leading expert on yachting in Montenegro, we have wanted to give you a heads-up and prepare you for what you can expect in our wonderful country, so we decided to bring to you top 4 things to do in Montenegro.

1. Cuisine and dinning

Local kitchen has been a part of many global culinary magazines and is definitely something that you must try. But of course, there is a twist… Montenegro is coastal country, but has most of its area covered with mountains, so we can basically say that our kitchen is divided between meat-based and seafood-based, both paired with organic and local vegetables and ever so juicy fruit.

On this note, we wanted to recommend some dining options for everyone’s taste: Restaurant Ribarsko SeloRestaurant AdriaticaRestaurant Stari Mlini and Restaurant Galion

2. Swimming and diving

Montenegro is famous for crystal clear water and picturesque swimming spots, accompanied by marvelous diving locations. Granted, our coast is not the longest in the world, but it most definitely is the one that is the most filled with these scattered locations, all around our coast and inside of the Bay of Boka Kotorska.

If you don’t believe us, just see below: Sveti Stefan, Bigova, Dobrec and Ljuta

3. Exploring the untouched nature

Wild beauty and Montenegro and practically synonyms and after having a few excursions to the central and northern area of our country, you will understand why. Old fortress, villages stuck in time, magnificent views of the untouched nature, lakes, rivers… you name it!

We will direct you to our favorite tours, but wondering around is also welcome.

Lovcen Mountain and village of Njegusi – overlooking the Bay, in the middle of the village stuck in time, being served only the most traditional food and drinks of this region

Skadar Lake – cruising the biggest lake in the Balkans, with one of the best home-made wine glasses in your hand

Tara river canyon – one of the deepest canyons in the Europe and it features rocky and pebbly terraces, sandy beaches, high cliffs, and more than 80 large caves.

Ostrog Monastery – It is a monastery situated against an almost vertical background, high up in the large rock of Ostroška Greda, one of the trademarks of Montenegro in general.

4. Party and night life

Something for everybody is the main saying when it comes to Montenegro, considering that we have a very rich party and night life culture. Beach bars, night clubs, and enough anchoring spots to have your own private boat party, far from everyone’s eyes.

And if you are looking into something like that, we can offer our professional provisioning and supply team for you or some suggestions on the beach bars and clubs that you can see below: Adriatica Beach, Virtu Beach, Nikki Beach, Escape Beach, Almara Beach, Buddha Beach, Top Hill Budva, Perla Club and Maximus Kotor

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