End of Season 2022

The long-awaited season is nearing its end

Yachts leave, ships sound their departing sirens, and our bay will soon be left alone.

What happened in our agency during this season?

Hmm.. We made contact with new companies who, judging by their words, were very satisfied with the services provided, renewed contacts with old partners who were just waiting for our invitation, cooperated with new young, brilliant people who became part of our big team. We re learned our  job again and the small changes that accompanied it this year.

Post Covid era

It was as if the corona did not exist, everything continued where it left off, only more beautiful because in anticipation of the same, we have been working on ourselves to be better. And succeeding in that is the most amazing feeling.

Without any objection from the local population, everyone eagerly welcomed and enjoyed as the boats glided through the bay. It was also exciting, there was a lot of work, but from this angle it seemed to last 5 minutes and suddenly it was November.

Now is the time to sit down and summarize what happened, to keep the good things and continue to do them, to fix some not to good  and to welcome the next season already, because it is here -  peeking out from behind the corner.

The desire for work was only greater, it did not die down during the corona virus, and we understand our work and work very seriously. You can always rely on us, and a warm word, because we are all just people at the end of the day.

See you again soon.

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