Do We Miss Yachts in Bay of Kotor?

Do We Miss Yachts in Bay of Kotor?

A question we all ask ourselves these days, in these harsh times. Although this year cannot be compared to previous years in terms of tourism and many other things, we often think about when we will start "living" again.

Not only for us, yacht agents, but also for the locals, casual passers-by, this question comes to mind when we see our Boka deserted. A few yachts. A few tourists.

While we are occupied with such thoughts, it is easier for us to remember what it was like when we had "hands full" every day. We were overwhelmed in the past, but now, when there aren’t so many yachts in Montenegro, we surely miss them.

Perhaps the answer is that we learned a long time ago that our country is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations, and then yachts, tourists, cruisers, became part of us. Now that they are gone, we see that we are missing and missing them.

Many of us, the situation with the COVID-19 virus, to put it bluntly, "brought us down to earth", but in this case, as far as yachts are concerned, it has shown us that they are a part of us, that we simply need them.

We as agents are here for the yachts, to provide everything before they come to enjoy Montenegro. From the least to the greatest desire to fulfill them all. Not only because it is our job and we try to be the best, but also a sense of personal satisfaction that we managed to do something so that tourists in our country can enjoy and see it in a special way.

As we have been working as an agency in all coastal cities for many years, both for yachts and cruisers, we have our clients who visit us every year. We are talking about numerous yachts, from those small sailboats, to large super yachts, we try to fulfill every request and to host them as well as possible in Montenegro.

Waking up every morning in another Marina is one of the most beautiful feelings. Our agents are available 24/7 for everything the client needs, both for the crew and their guests.

Whether it is necessary to have fun, visit Montenegro from the air (by helicopter), roads (jeeps) or just walk, everything is possible with us and with us.

After a holiday in Montenegro, we provide them with refueling at any time in the marinas Porto Montenegro and Marina Bar.

They return to their country with many beautiful impressions, and we always receive praise that means a lot to us! We look forward to their re-invitation and arrival in order to welcome them in the best possible way and enjoy together with them!

Contact Allegra Port Agent today to professionally manage your time in Montenegro! We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with local offices in all major Montenegrin ports and marinas, meeting your demands and making your visit most pleasant.

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